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Outstanding Results in
NEET 2023

All India Rank: 29*

Srujan Sakpal (App No: 230410512732)


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Based on your NEET 2023 marks, get up to 100% scholarship on tuition and hostel fee.

NEET marks: 300-349



NEET marks: 350-399



NEET marks: 400-449



NEET marks: 450-499



NEET marks: 500+



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Dare to Dream Again?

Many of our students improved their NEET score by 300+ marks!

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Rishi B, Student

“I had a life changing experience at Vision! My lecturers were incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. They provide plenty of individual attention, especially during study hours. I would recommend the college to anyone looking to realise their full potential."

Bhagavanath, Parent

"As a parent, I was incredibly impressed with the education my daughter received at Vision. The academics are challenging and engaging and I got weekly updates on my daughter's progress. I also felt very secure knowing that the college places a strong emphasis on students' safety."

Brahmaiah Manam, Dean

"As the dean, I am incredibly proud of the education we provide to our students. I am thrilled to see the incredible results our students are achieving, even after they graduate from our college. I am thankful to our wonderful lecturers who work day and night to ensure our student's success."


Vision NEET Academy has 3 campuses - two in Bangalore and one in Namakkal (Tamil Nadu). The campuses are designed to provide a safe and secure environment for students to learn and grow. The campuses have the infrastructure and amenities required to ensure that students have everything they need to succeed.



Our integrated academic program is scientifically designed to ensure that our students can reach their full potential and can reach their goals. We have daily study hours to clarify students' doubts in 1-1 sessions and regular weekend and cumulative tests for students to practice their skills and knowledge acquired in the classroom. Our regular testing has been the key to our students' success over the years.

Our alumni have pursued higher education and received degrees from top universities. Over 4,500+ of our alumni have graduated from literally every medical college in Karnataka and have gone on to work at top hospitals across the country. Our alumni are achieving great success in their personal and professional lives and making the world a better place. Listen to some of our alumni's experiences with Vision.


Unlock your potential at Vision.
Discover your talents.

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